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Nov 23, 2022

Latest News From the Darwin Perennial Trial Beds

Marion Meesenburg
Marketing Coordinator

On a beautiful Fall day in mid-October, I just had to get outside to soak up some sunshine. I headed to my favorite place in the garden, the Darwin Perennials trial beds. Many beds were already cleaned and trimmed back, but some plants were in full bloom and it made my day!

Kniphofia Glowstick, a new introduction in 2023, was all aglow and looked fantastic. I really like this plant because it’s a late bloomer and really perks up the garden when most of the other plants are finished. Plus, it’s a grower’s dream since it is available as an unrooted cutting and not as TC like all the other varieties.

Helianthus Autumn Gold was another showstopper in full splendor. So many blooms with so much incredible color! This is one you need to grow, since it is hardy to zone 5 and drought tolerant once established. It looks great in a fall line-up at retail next to your mum display.

Of course, I couldn’t miss the tallest plant in the middle of it all: Miscanthus High Frequency, big brother to Miscanthus Bandwidth. High Frequency is absolutely striking with its tall, columnar stature boasting banded foliage and feather-like seed head displays. On top of its striking pose (80-86 in. high), it is also rust resistant and infertile. If you like or grow grasses, this is one you need to have!

I am so happy, I took my walk this Fall, since today the garden looks like this:

It’s peaceful, but there’s no denying that all the color and blooms are gone for now. Soon the plants will be in deep hibernation renewing their roots and spirit. I can’t wait until next Spring to see them back in their full glory.

Sidenote: Want to re-live the Darwin Perennials trial beds from the Summer? Explore our 3D space and interactive walk-thru map experience!

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