Important Plant Protection Information

Plant Protection

Darwin Perennials® varieties are covered by Flowering Only terms and conditions. The majority are also protected by U.S. Patents and Plant Breeders’ Rights in Canada and elsewhere.

Flowering Only Terms and Conditions

Flowering-Only Varieties

Plants shall be sold only as “finished plants”. “Finished plants” - defined as plants grown for: 1) at least five weeks in a 3-in. (7.5-cm) pot / container or larger; 2) at least four weeks from planting of a rooted cutting; and 3) seven weeks from planting of an unrooted cutting. Self -propagation and/or taking tip cuttings, as well as the unlicensed sale and transfer of rooted or unrooted cuttings to any other company or individual, is strictly prohibited. By accepting an order and/or opening the box of Darwin Perennials, you signify agreement with these Flowering Only terms and conditions. Flowering Only terms and conditions information is also available through Royalty Administration International (RAI). RAI has been appointed as our agent in the U.S. for the protection of Darwin Perennials varieties. RAI reserves the right to inspect premises and plantings at any reasonable time to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions stated herein.

ROYALTY Administration International C.V.
10175 Six Mile Cypress Parkway,
Suite 3 Fort Meyers, FL
33912-6404 Phone: (800) 472-4724 / (239) 278-9917
Fax: (239) 278-4833 E-mail:

Darwin Perennials Image, Tag, and Trademark Policy

The images in our catalog and on our website are strictly protected by copyright and may not be reproduced without permission. Ball Horticultural Company owns most of the images. Others are owned and protected by botanical photography specialist Visions BV.

NOTE: Visions BV is a separate entity and therefore no legal link exists between Darwin Perennials and Visions BV. If you are interested in acquiring some of these images, please go to

All tags used for Darwin Perennials products must be supplied or approved by Ball. Tags must include the full commercial name of the product, proper trademark (™ or ®) as applicable, variety name, protection information with the term “Propagation Prohibited” as applicable, along with Ball approved images. All custom tag layouts and orders must be approved prior to production / reproduction.