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Important Plant Protection Information

All Darwin Perennnials varieties listed herein are covered by the Flowering Only Terms and Conditions of Sale Agreement. Many are also protected by U.S. Patents and/or Plant Breeders’ Rights in Canada and elsewhere. By opening a box of Ball FloraPlant varieties, customers signify agreement with these Flowering Only Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Flowering-Only Terms and Conditions

  • Allows for the growing and selling of “Finished Plants,” defined as plants grown in a 3-in. (7.5cm) size pot/container or larger.
  • All finished product must be sold with a Ball supplied or approved label or tag.
  • Sale of rooted or unrooted cuttings to any other company or individual is strictly prohibited as is propagation and/or the taking of tip cuttings.
A printable copy of the Flowering-Only Sales Agreement is available here

A copy can also be obtained from Royalty Administration International at (800) 472-4724. RAI has been appointed as our licensing agent in the United States. Canada Growers, please contact Ball Licensing Administration at (630) 588-3111.

Darwin Perennials Image, Tag, and Trademark Policy

The images in our catalog and on our website are strictly protected by copyright and may not be reproduced without permission. Ball Horticultural Company owns most of the images. Others are owned and protected by botanical photography specialist Visions BV.

NOTE: Visions BV is a separate entity and therefore no legal link exists between Darwin Perennials and Visions BV. If you are interested in acquiring some of these images, please go to

All tags used for Darwin Perennials products must be supplied or approved by Ball. Tags must include the full commercial name of the product, proper trademark (™ or ®) as applicable, variety name, protection information with the term “Propagation Prohibited” as applicable, along with Ball approved images. All custom tag layouts and orders must be approved prior to production / reproduction.

FLOWERING ONLY VARIETIES – EXHIBIT A. Applicable in the U.S. and Canada. Symbol pound# sign on Ball Seed WebTrack.

New Vintage™ Red 'Balvinred'PP25,618
New Vintage™ Rose 'Balvinrose'PP25,712
New Vintage™ Terracotta 'Balvinterra'
New Vintage™ Violet 'Balvinolet'PP25,750
New Vintage™ White 'Balvinwite'PP25,711
Moon Dust 'Novaachdus'PP25,838
Song Siren™ Layla 'Layla'

Achillea millefolium
Milly Rock™ Red 'FLORACHRE1'PP31,757
Milly Rock™ Rose 'FLORACHRO1'PP31,620
Milly Rock™ Yellow 'FLORACHYE0'PP33,259
Milly Rock™ Yellow Terracotta 'FLORACHYE2'PP35,113
Little Moonshine 'ACBZ0002'PP28,179
Sassy Summer Lemon 'Sassy Summer Lemon'PP31,693
Sassy Summer Sangria 'Sassy Summer Sangria'PP31,355
Sassy Summer Silver 'Sassy Summer Silver'PP31,754
Sassy Summer Sunset 'Sassy Summer Sunset'PP31,412
Sassy Summer Taffy 'Sassy Summer Taffy'PP31,755
Seduction Saucy 'Saucy Seduction'PP20,782
Seduction Strawberry 'Strawberry Seduction'PP18,401
Seduction Sunny 'Sunny Seduction'PP20,808
Tutti Frutti Apricot Delight 'Apricot Delight'PP18,738
Tutti Frutti Pink Grapefruit 'Pink Grapefruit'PP20,741
Tutti Frutti Pomegranate 'Pomegranate'PP20,763

Achillea ptarmica
Peter Cottontail 'Peter Cottontail'PP31,756

Blue Bayou 'Blue Bayou'PPAF
Guava Lava 'Guava Lava'PPAF
Little Adder 'Little Adder'PP26,514
Pinky Pie 'Pinky Pie'PPAF

Agastache aurantiaca
Mango Tango 'Mango Tango'PP28,747

Agastache mexicana
Summerlong™ Coral 'Balsumlora'PPAF
Summerlong™ Lemon 'Balsumlem'PPAF
Summerlong™ Lilac 'Balsumlilac'
Summerlong™ Magenta 'Balsumlmag'
Summerlong™ Peach 'Balsumleac'PPAF

Agastache rupestris
Peachie Keen 'Peachie Keen'PP25,886
Rosie Posie 'Rosie Posie'PP25,857

Golden Spring 'Golden Spring'PP25,710

Dreameria® Daydream 'Daydream'PP29,381
Dreameria® Dream Clouds 'Dream Clouds'PP33,597
Dreameria® Dream Weaver 'Dream Weaver'PP30,600
Dreameria® Dreamland 'Dreamland'PP30,601
Dreameria® Hypnotic Dreams 'Hypnotic Dreams'PPAF
Dreameria® Sweet Dreams 'Sweet Dreams'PP29,612
Dreameria® Vivid Dreams 'Vivid Dreams'PP35,236

Artemisia gmelinii
SunFern™ Arcadia 'Balfernarc'PP33,774
SunFern™ Olympia 'Balfernlym'PP33,775

Aster novae-angliae
Grape Crush 'Grape Crush'PP33,612
Pink Crush 'Pink Crush'PP33,628

Brunnera macrophylla
Frostbite 'Frostbite'PP35,059
Frostline 'Balbrufline'PPAF, EU PBRAF
Permafrost 'Balbrupost'PP35,844, EU PBRAF

Chrysalis™ Blue 'Balchrylu'PP33,842, EU PBRAF, UK PBRAF
Chrysalis™ Cranberry 'Balchryran'PP33,845, EU PBRAF
Chrysalis™ Pink 'Balchryink'PP33,843, EU PBRAF, UK PBRAF
Chrysalis™ Purple 'Balchryurp'PP33,847
Chrysalis™ Steel Blue 'Balchryeel'PPAF
Chrysalis™ White 'Balchryite'PP33,846
Butterfly Gold 'BUDHUR99'PP33,807
Violet Cascade 'Violet Cascade'PP34,298

Buddleia davidii
Buzz™ Hot Raspberry 'TOBUD1202'
Buzz™ Midnight 'TOBUDMIDNI'
Buzz™ Sky Blue 'TOBUD0615'PP23,461
Buzz™ Velvet 'TOBUD0703'PP23,462
Humdinger Gold Drop 'Gold Drop'PP34,266
Humdinger Lavender Cupcake 'Lavender Cupcake'PP28,221
Humdinger Little Angel 'Little Angel'PP28,204
Humdinger Magenta Munchkin 'Magenta Munchkin'PP28,177
Humdinger Orchid Annie 'Orchid Annie'PP28,176
Monarch® Blue Knight 'Blue Knight'PP28,178
Monarch® Cherry Royale 'Cherry Royale'PPAF
Monarch® Dark Dynasty 'Dark Dynasty'PP27,834
Monarch® Glass Slippers 'Glass Slippers'PP27,832
Monarch® Prince Charming 'Prince Charming'PP28,903
Monarch® Princess Pink 'Princess Pink'PP33,665
Monarch® Queen of Hearts 'Queen of Hearts'PP27,987
Grand Cascade 'Grand Cascade'PP30,868
Lilac Cascade 'Lilac Cascade'PP33,844
Pink Cascade II 'Pink Cascade II'PP35,438

Campanula poscharskyana
Blue Waterfall 'Camgood'

Emerald Crest 'Emerald Crest'PP34,852, EU PBR66974
Gold Crest 'Gold Crest'PP32,310, EU PBR59574, UK PBR35396

Caryopteris clandonensis
Grand Bleu® 'Inoveris'PP17,837

Centaurea montana
Amethyst Dream 'Amethyst Dream'PP20,781
Amethyst in Snow 'Amethyst in Snow'PP18,284

Centaurea ragusina
Silver Swirl 'Balcentsirl'PP35,838, EU PBRAF

Electric Sunshine 'Electric Sunshine'PP30,975
Golden Stardust 'Golden Stardust'PP30,770
Jethro Tull 'Jethro Tull'PP18,789
Sunny Day 'Balcorsunay'PP17,405
Super Star 'Super Star'PP30,805, EU PBR55938
Solanna™ Golden Sphere 'DECOREO16'PP25,241, EU PBR38481
UpTick™ Cream 'Balupteam'PP28,964
UpTick™ Cream & Red 'Balupteamed'PP28,866, EU PBR48813
UpTick™ Gold 'Baluptold'PPAF
UpTick™ Gold & Bronze 'Baluptgonz'PP28,882, EU PBR48814
UpTick™ Red 'Baluptred'PP33,866, EU PBR64377, UK PBR36059
UpTick™ Yellow & Red 'Baluptowed'PP28,865, EU PBR48815

Coreopsis verticillata
Crème Brulee 'Crème Brulee'PP16,096
Crème Caramel 'Novcorcar'PP22,565
Sylvester 'Sylvester'PP24,767
Sizzle & Spice® Crazy Cayenne 'Crazy Cayenne'
Sizzle & Spice® Curry Up 'Curry Up'PP28,521
Sizzle & Spice® Hot Paprika 'Hot Paprika'PP28,522
Sizzle & Spice® Red Hot Vanilla 'Red Hot Vanilla'PP30,909
Sizzle & Spice® Sassy Saffron 'Sassy Saffron'PP31,393
Sizzle & Spice® Zesty Zinger 'Zesty Zinger'PP29,921

Jewel of Desert Garnet 'Jewel of Desert Garnet'PP23,471
Jewel of Desert Peridot 'Jewel of Desert Peridot'PP23,566
Jewel of Desert Ruby 'Jewel of Desert Ruby'PP23,453
Jewel of Desert Topaz 'Jewel of Desert Topaz'PP23,492
Mountain Dew 'Mountain Dew'PP31,543
Orange Crush 'Orange Crush'PP30,806
Red Mountain® Flame 'PWWGO2S'
Wheels of Wonder™ Fire Wonder ''
Wheels of Wonder™ Golden Wonder 'WOW2011-1'PP25,684
Wheels of Wonder™ Hot Pink Wonder 'WOWDRY1'PP26,157
Wheels of Wonder™ Violet Wonder 'WOWDRW5'PP25,572

Delosperma hybrid
Ocean Sunset™ Orange Glow 'T1873'PP34,674
Ocean Sunset™ Orange Vibe 'T1821'PP34,943
Ocean Sunset™ Violet 'T1854'PP34,730
Ocean Sunset™ Violet Flare ''
Fire Spinner® 'P001S'

Red Lark 'Red Lark'PP29,761, EU PBRAF

Dianthus Mountain Frost™
Pink Carpet 'KonD1010K2'PP30,246
Pink PomPom 'KonD1014K3'PP30,190
Pink Twinkle 'KonD1060K3'PP30,105
Red Garnet 'KonD1335K1'PP32,362
Rose Bouquet 'KonD1044K2'PP30,274
Ruby Glitter 'KonD1400K6'PP33,461
Ruby Snow 'KonD1400K4'PP33,460
Silver Strike 'KonD1039K1'PP30,079
White Twinkle 'KonD1060K1'PP30,218

Arctic Fox™ Lemon Cream 'Balroxleam'PPAF
Arctic Fox™ Rose 'Balroxose'PP31,900, EU PBR57561, UK PBR35094
Foxlight™ Plum Gold 'Takfoplgo'PP26,586
Foxlight™ Rose Ivory 'Takforoiv'PP26,554
Foxlight™ Ruby Glow 'Takforugl'PP25,640

Double Scoop™ Bubble Gum 'Balscblum'PP23,103, US7,982,110, EU PBR37677
Double Scoop™ Cranberry 'Balscanery'PP24,769, US7,982,110, EU PBR37709
Double Scoop™ Lemon Cream 'Balsclemc'PP27,858, US7,982,110
Double Scoop™ Mandarin 'Balscandin'PP26,640, US7,982,110
Double Scoop™ Raspberry 'Balsceras'PP23,117, US7,982,110
Double Scoop™ Raspberry Deluxe 'Balscrasux'PP35,823, US7,982,110, EU PBRAF
Double Scoop™ Strawberry Deluxe 'Balscawbux'PP35,760, USUS7,982,110, EU PBRAF
Double Scoop™ Watermelon Deluxe 'Balscmelux'PP35,743, US7,982,110, EU PBRAF
Sombrero® Adobe Orange 'Balsomador'PP26,639, US7,982,110
Sombrero® Baja Burgundy 'Balsombabur'PP28,162, US7,982,110, EU PBR45817
Sombrero® Blanco 'Balsomblanc'
Sombrero® Fiesta Orange 'Balsomstor'PP33,170, US7,982,110, EU PBRAF
Sombrero® Flamenco Orange 'Balsomenco'PP25,523, US7,982,110
Sombrero® Fuchsia Fandango 'Balsomfand'US7,982,110
Sombrero® Granada Gold 'Balsomold'PP30,115, US7,982,110, EU PBR52416
Sombrero® Lemon Yellow 'Balsomemyim'PP30,116, US7,982,110, EU PBR52415
Sombrero® Mandarin Mambo 'Balsomambo'US7,982,110
Sombrero® Rosada 'Balsomrosa'PP33,011, US7,982,110, EU PBR63256
Sombrero® Salsa Red 'Balsomsed'PP23,105, US7,982,110, EU PBR35270
Sombrero® Sangrita 'Balsomanita'PP30,138, US7,982,110, EU PBR52414
Sombrero® Summer Solstice 'Balsomsolst'PP31,818, US7,982,110, EU PBRAF
Sombrero® Tango Tangerine 'Balsomotan'PP31,844, US7,982,110
Sombrero® Tres Amigos 'Balsomtresgo'PP30,750, US7,982,110
Sombrero Poco™ Hot Coral 'Balsomcor'PP23,097, US7,982,110
Sombrero Poco™ Hot Pink 'Balsompotin'PP35,164, US7,982,110
Sombrero Poco™ Red 'Balsompred'PP34,897, US7,982,110
Sombrero Poco™ White 'Balsompocwi'US7,982,110
Sombrero Poco™ Yellow 'Balsompocel'US7,982,110, US11,297,788, EU PBR63255

Cheers™ Florange 'Balcherflora'PP29,657
Cheers™ Lemon Yellow 'Balcherlemy'PP26,623
Cheers™ Mighty Mauve 'Balchermauv'PP26,604
Cheers™ Sun-kissed Amethyst 'Balcherissam'PP29,379

Erysimum linifolium
Bowles Me Away 'Bowles Me Away'PP29,380

Eupatorium dubium
Little Joe 'Little Joe'

Eupatorium purpureum
Euphoria™ Ruby 'FLOREUPRE1'PP31,668

Euphorbia polychroma
Bonfire 'Bonfire'PP18,585

Euphorbia x martinii
Ascot Rainbow 'Ascot Rainbow'PP21,401

Gaura lindheimeri
Ballerina™ Rose 'Baltinrose'
Ballerina™ White 'Baltincite'PP20,326
Belleza® Compact Light Pink 'KLEGL06261'
Belleza® Dark Pink 'KLEGL22507'
Belleza® White 'KLEGL14844'
Gaudi™ Pink 'Florgaucompi'
Gaudi™ Red 'Florgaure'PP26,518
Little Janie 'Little Janie'PP26,356
Passionate Blush 'SME-2'PP17,293
Pink Fountain 'Walgaupf'
Whiskers Deep Rose 'Whiskers Deep Rose'PP26,399

Grass Panicum
Ruby Ribbons 'RR1'PP17,944

Helenium autumnale
Salud™ Embers 'Balsaluemb'PP30,617
Salud™ Golden 'Balsaluglo'PP30,616
Salud™ Yellow 'Balsalulow'PP30,771

Helianthus salicifolius
Autumn Gold 'Autumn Gold'PP30,117

Heliopsis helianthoides
Loraine Sunshine 'Loraine Sunshine'
Summer Eclipse ''
Sunstruck 'Sunstruck'PP25,524, EU PBR40480

Carnival Black Olive 'Carnival Black Olive'
Carnival Burgundy Blast 'Carnival Burgundy Blast'PP34,038, EU PBR66159, UK PBR36064
Carnival Cinnamon Stick 'Carnival Cinnamon Stick'PP33,991, EU PBR63368, UK PBR36065
Carnival Cocomint 'Carnival Cocomint'PP24,927, EU PBR39440
Carnival Coffee Bean 'Carnival Coffee Bean'PP24,943, EU PBR39438
Carnival Fall Festival 'Carnival Fall Festival'
Carnival Limeade 'Carnival Limeade'PP24,899, EU PBR39439
Carnival Peach Parfait 'Carnival Peach Parfait'PP24,928, EU PBR37055
Carnival Plum Crazy 'Carnival Plum Crazy'PP24,771, EU PBR37057
Carnival Rose Granita 'Carnival Rose Granita'
Carnival Watermelon 'Carnival Watermelon'PP24,803, EU PBR37054

Heuchera x villosa
Big Top Caramel Apple 'Big Top Caramel Apple'PP34,039, EU PBR63367, UK PBR36063

Hypericum inodorum
Miracle Grandeur 'Allgrandeur'PP27,125, EU PBR46209
Miracle Horizon 'ALLBLOMMOS'PP28,118, EU PBR48759
Miracle Primo 'Allprimo'PP28,011

Summer Snowdrift 'Summer Snowdrift'PP30,713, EU PBR56799

Iberis sempervirens
Snowsation 'Snowsation'PP29,637, EU PBR56674

Kniphofia uvaria
Glowstick 'KLEKN22193'PP35,323

Lamium maculatum
Purple Dragon 'Purple Dragon'

Lavandula angustifolia
Annet 'Annet'PP28,867, CPBR5107
Big Time Blue 'Armtipp01'PP24,827
Blue Cushion 'Blue Cushion'
Platinum Blonde™ 'Momparler'PP23,834
SuperBlue 'SuperBlue (EU: Balavurlu)'PP24,929, EU PBR39398

Lavandula intermedia
Phenomenal® 'Niko'PP24,193

Lavandula stoechas
Anouk Anouk 'Anouk'PP16,685, CPBR3299
Anouk Anouk Supreme 'Anouk Deluxe 901'PP26,495, CPBR5618
Anouk Burgundy 'Anouk Deluxe 202001'PPAF
Anouk Deep Rose 'Anouk Deluxe 179'PP26,493, CPBR5616
Anouk Double Anouk 'Anouk Deluxe 1205'PP28,264, CPBR6174
Anouk Doublescape 'Anouk Deluxe 201908'PPAF
Anouk Purple Flare 'Anouk Deluxe 16115'PP35,064
Anouk Purple Medley 'Anouk Deluxe 1939'PP35,499
Anouk Royal Anouk 'Anouk Deluxe 201909'PPAF
Anouk Silver Anouk 'Silver Anouk'PP20,068, CPBR4449
Lavinnova® Frost Pink 'IB 510-96'
Lavinnova® Frost Purple 'IB 510-17'PPAF
Luxurious 'Anouk Deluxe 109'PP26,494, CPBR5615

Lavandula stoechas (contd.)
Primavera 'Anouk Deluxe 1225'PP33,269, CPBRAF

Santé 'Santé'PP19,829
Seventh Heaven 'Seventh Heaven'PPAF
Sunshine Freak! 'Q3597-2'PP32,121

Leucanthemum superbum
Make My Daisy™ Crazy 'Sunrimaizy'PP35,074
Make My Daisy™ Happy 'Sunrimaiapy'PP35,183, EU PBR66742, UK PBR36040
Cream Puff 'Cream Puff'PP30,074
Freak!® 'LEUZ0001'PP23,426
Ice Cream Dream 'Ice Cream Dream'PP34,053

Leucanthemum x superbum
Ooh La™ LaCrosse 'LaCrosse'
Ooh La™ LaSpider 'LaSpider'
Spoonful of Sugar 'Spoonful of Sugar'PP28,760
White Magic 'White Magic'PP29,737
Whitecap 'Whitecap'PP33,605, EU PBR61271, UK PBR35097
Whoops A Daisy 'Whoops A Daisy'PP27,259
Spellbook™ Lumos 'BL14007'PP28,350

Lithodora diffusa
White Star 'White Star'PP20,078

Lychnis flos-cuculi
Petit Henri 'IFLYPH'PP31,373
Petite Jenny 'Lychjenpet'PP27,495

Lysimachia alfredii
Night Light 'Night Light'PP33,931, EU PBR65608

Lysimachia congestiflora
Firefly 'Firefly'PP33,932

Miscanthus sinensis
Bandwidth 'NCMS2B'PP29,460, CPBR6081, EU PBR54365
High Frequency 'NCMS3'PP34,712, CPBRAF
My Fair Maiden 'NCMS1'PP26,387, CPBRAF, CPBR6485, EU PBR54364

Balmy™ Lilac 'Balbalmac'PP26,594, EU PBR45845
Balmy™ Pink 'Balbalmink'PP26,566, EU PBR42713
Balmy™ Purple 'Balbalmurp'PP25,561, EU PBR40859
Balmy™ Rose 'Balbalmos366'

Monarda didyma
BeeMine™ Lavender 'Balbeemav'PP33,915, EU PBR65656
BeeMine™ Pink 'Balbeemin'PP33,916, EU PBR65658
BeeMine™ Red 'Balbeemed'PP33,917, EU PBR65657
Sugar Buzz® Berry Taffy 'Berry Taffy'PP34,715
Sugar Buzz® Blue Moon 'Blue Moon'PP29,549
Sugar Buzz® Bubblegum Blast 'Bubblegum Blast'PP27,497
Sugar Buzz® Cherry Pops 'Cherry Pops'PP27,618
Sugar Buzz® Grape Gumball 'Grape Gumball'PP27,498
Sugar Buzz® Lilac Lollipop 'Lilac Lollipop'PP27,571
Sugar Buzz® Pink Frosting 'Pink Frosting'PP29,548
Sugar Buzz® Rockin' Raspberry 'Rockin' Raspberry'PP28,752

Chartreuse on the Loose 'Chartreuse on the Loose'PP35,867
Junior Walker™ 'Novanepjun'PP23,074, EU PBR43039
Little Trudy® 'Psfike'PP18,904
Picture Purrfect 'Picture Purrfect'PP34,502

Nepeta faassenii
Kitten Around 'Kitten Around'PP30,940
Purrsian Blue 'Purrsian Blue'PP24,788
Whispurr™ Blue 'Balpurrlu'PP33,042, UK PBR35952
Whispurr™ Pink 'Balpurrink'PP33,184, UK PBR35951

Nepeta subsessilis
Prelude™ Blue 'Balneplud'PP31,901, EU PBR57106, UK PBR35376
Prelude™ Purple 'Balprelurp'PP33,997, EU PBR62753, UK PBR36060

Oenothera macrocarpa ssp. fremontii
Shimmer 'Shimmer'PP19,663

Oenothera missourensis
Evening Sun 'Evening Sun'PP35,065

Gilt Trip 'Gilt Trip'PP35,473

MissionBells™ Deep Rose 'Balmibepro'PP28,852
Cherry Sparks 'Cherry Sparks'PP28,869
Quartz® Amethyst 'Novapename'PP27,821
Quartz® Red 'Balquared'PP32,296, EU PBR58623, UK PBR35377
Quartz® Rose 'Novapenros'PP27,919

Penstemon barbatus
Rock Candy® Blue 'Novapenblu'PP27,786, EU PBRAF, UK PBR35379
Rock Candy® Light Pink 'Novapenlig'PP27,787
Rock Candy® Pink 'Novapenpin'PP26,701
Rock Candy® Purple 'Balrocurp'PP35,761
Rock Candy® Ruby 'Novapenrub'PP27,820, EU PBRAF, UK PBR35380

Penstemon digitalis
Blackbeard 'Blackbeard'PP30,052
Onyx and Pearls 'Onyx and Pearls'PP32,613

Penstemon mexicali
Mini-Bells™ Lavender Bicolor 'Balmiblavbi'PP30,698
Mini-Bells™ Red 'Balmibred'PP30,699
Pike's Peak Purple® 'P007S'
Red Rocks® 'P008S'

CrazyBlue 'CrazyBlue'PP25,639, EU PBR41166
Prime Time 'Prime Time'PP34,304

Perovskia atriplicifolia
Blue Jean Baby 'Blue Jean Baby'PP29,281
Little Lace 'Novaperlac'PP26,618

Violet Pinwheels 'Violet Pinwheels'PP25,884
Paparazzi® Collection Angelina 'PPPHL07301'PP23,702
Paparazzi® Collection Jagger 'PHL090201'PP26,854

Phlox Garden Girls™
Cover Girl 'Cover Girl'PP32,323
Dream Girl 'Dream Girl'PPAF
Fancy Girl 'Fancy Girl'PPAF
Glamour Girl 'Glamour Girl'PP25,778
Material Girl 'Material Girl'PPAF
Party Girl 'Party Girl'PP32,324
Uptown Girl 'Uptown Girl'PP32,287

Phlox hybrida
Spring Splash™ Lilac 'Balsashac'PPAF
Spring Splash™ Pink 'Balsashink'PPAF
Spring Splash™ Violet 'Balsashet'PPAF

Phlox paniculata
Baby Doll Pink 'Baby Doll Pink'PP32,025
Baby Doll White 'Baby Doll White'PP33,487
Fashionably Early Crystal 'Fashionably Early Crystal'PP28,679
Fashionably Early Flamingo 'Fashionably Early Flamingo'PP29,911
Fashionably Early Lavender Ice 'Fashionably Early Lavender Ice'PP29,912
Fashionably Early Princess 'Fashionably Early Princess'PP28,680
Ka-Pow® Lavender 'Balkapolav'PP30,780, EU PBR54853
Ka-Pow® Pink 'Balkapopink'PP30,779, EU PBR57324, UK PBR35483
Ka-Pow® Purple 'Balkapopur'PP30,781, EU PBR57325, UK PBR35482
Ka-Pow® Soft Pink 'Balkaposin'PP33,770
Ka-Pow® White 'Balkapowi'PP33,023, EU PBR60319, UK PBR35476
Ka-Pow® White Bicolor 'Balkapowibi'PP30,782, EU PBR54854
Amethyst Pearl 'Amethyst Pearl'PP28,487
Cherry Cream 'Cherry Cream'PP29,910
Magenta Pearl 'Magenta Pearl'PP33,795
Super Ka-Pow™ Blue 'Balsukalu'PP33,885
Super Ka-Pow™ Coral 'Balsukaco'PP33,863, EU PBR66676
Super Ka-Pow™ Fuchsia 'Balsukafus'PP33,005, EU PBR60316
Super Ka-Pow™ Lavender 'Balsukalav'PP33,022, EU PBR60320, UK PBR35478
Super Ka-Pow™ Pink 'Balsukapin'PP33,188, EU PBR60317, UK PBR35477, UK PBR35477
Super Ka-Pow™ White 'Balsukawi'PP33,187, EU PBR60318, UK PBR35475
Younique Old Blue 'Versoldblue'PP26,070
Younique Red 'Versred'PP28,144

Phlox subulata
Bedazzled Lavender 'Bedazzled Lavender'PP31,168
Bedazzled Pink 'Bedazzled Pink'PP32,063
Eye Candy 'Eye Candy'PP31,484
Eye Caramba 'Eye Caramba'
Eye Shadow 'Eye Shadow'PP31,169

Polemonium pulcherrimum
Golden Feathers 'Golden Feathers'PP35,067

Summer Daze 'Summer Daze'PP19,609

Rudbeckia speciosa
Viette's Little Suzy 'Viette's Little Suzy'

Arctic Blaze® Fuchsia 'Novasalfuc'PP28,619
Arctic Blaze® Purple 'Novasalpur'PP28,717
Arctic Blaze® Red 'Novasalred'PP28,620
Sensation® Compact Bright Rose 'Florsalbro'PP26,728
Sensation® Compact Deep Blue 'Florsaldblue'PP21,297
Sensation® Compact Sky Blue 'Florsalsbu'
Sensation® Medium Deep Rose 'Florsaldro'

Salvia greggii
Mirage™ Blue 'Balmirleu'PP33,036, EU PBR62039, UK PBR35493
Mirage™ Burgundy 'Balmirbur'PP28,537, EU PBR49560
Mirage™ Cherry Red 'Balmircher'PP28,527, EU PBR49561
Mirage™ Cream 'Balmircemi'
Mirage™ Deep Purple 'Balmirdepur'PP28,538, EU PBR49563
Mirage™ Hot Pink 'Balmirhopi'
Mirage™ Neon Rose 'Balmirnose'
Mirage™ Pink 'Balmirpink'
Mirage™ Rose Bicolor 'Balmirrobi'PP33,084, EU PBR62040, UK PBR35492
Mirage™ Salmon 'Balmirsal'PP30,729
Mirage™ Soft Pink 'Balmirsopin'
Mirage™ Violet 'Balmirvio'PP29,724, EU PBR49562
Mirage™ White 'Balmirwite'EU PBR64396
Furman's Red 'Furman's Red'
Radio Red 'Radio Red'PP26,362

Salvia nemorosa
Lyrical™ Blues 'Balyriclu'PP22,919, EU PBR35871
Lyrical™ Rose 'Balyricose'PP24,274, EU PBR37505
Lyrical™ Silvertone 'Balyricsil'PP23,310
Lyrical™ White 'Florsalwhite'PP21,243
Marvel Blue 'Blue Marvel'PP27,018, EU PBR43712
Marvel Rose 'Rose Marvel'PP30,118, EU PBRAF
Marvel Sky Blue 'Sky Blue Marvel'PP30,658, EU PBR55956
Blue by You 'Blue by You'PP31,033, EU PBR57111
Bumbleberry 'Bumbleberry'PP31,602
Bumbleblue 'Bumbleblue'PP30,084
Bumblesky 'Bumblesky'PP30,085
Bumblesnow 'Bumblesnow'PP31,399
Marcus® 'Haeumanarc'
Tidal Pool 'Tidal Pool'PP33,801

Salvia officinalis
Silver Scent 'Balsalslent'PP35,859

Salvia pratensis
Fashionista® Ballerina Pink 'Ballerina Pink'PP29,957
Fashionista® Evening Attire 'Evening Attire'PP32,573
Fashionista® Midnight Model 'Midnight Model'PP29,498
Fashionista® Moulin Rouge 'Moulin Rouge'PP32,387

Saxifraga x arendsii
Marto™ Hot Rose 'FLORSAXHRO'
Marto™ Red 'FLSAX19605'
Marto™ Red Picotee 'FLORSAXPR1'
Marto™ Rose 'FLORSAXROSE1'

Flutter™ Deep Blue 'Balfluttdelu'PP28,043, EP46488
Flutter™ Pure White 'Balflutturite'PP30,119, EU PBR52212
Flutter™ Rose Pink 'Balfluttropi'PP27,809

Glitterbug 'Glitterbug'PPAF
Night Light 'Night Light'PP34,272
SunSparkler® Blue Elf 'Blue Elf'PP27,113
SunSparkler® Cherry Tart 'Cherry Tart'PP24,603
SunSparkler® Dazzleberry 'Razzleberry'PP22,457
SunSparkler® Lime Twister 'Lime Twister'PP26,895
SunSparkler® Lime Zinger 'Lime Zinger'PP24,632
SunSparkler® Plum Dazzled 'Plum Dazzled'PP30,348
SunSparkler® Wildfire 'Wildfire'PP28,621

Sedum cauticola
Steel the Show 'Steel the Show'PP31,314

Sedum kamtschaticum
Little Miss Sunshine 'Little Miss Sunshine'PP30,039

Sedum middendorffianum
Yellow Diamonds 'Yellow Diamonds'PP35,077

Sedum rupestre
Prima Angelina 'Gold Form'PP32,414

Sedum spectabile
Night Embers 'Night Embers'PP29,211
Powderpuff 'Powderpuff'PP32,714
Spellbound 'Spellbound'PPAF

Sedum spurium
What a Doozie 'Spiraling Doozie'PP31,789

Sedum telephium
After Dark 'After Dark'PPAF

Little Lemon 'Dansolitlem'PP17,297

Stachys byzantina
Little Lamb 'Balstaclamb'PP35,738

Homestead Hot Pink 'Homestead Hot Pink'PP34,360

Moody Blues® Dark Blue Improved 'Balmoodluim'PP35,734
Moody Blues® Dark Pink 'Balmoodink'PP31,832
Moody Blues® Mauve 'Balmoomaui'PP31,833, EU PBR57028
Moody Blues® Pink 'Novaverpin'PP25,748
Moody Blues® Sky Blue 'Novaversky'PP27,835
Moody Blues® White 'Novaverwhi'
Da Vinci Delight 'Da Vinci Delight'PPAF
Purple Leia 'Purple Leia'PP34,278
Purpleicious 'Purpleicious'PP17,639
Venice Blue 'Florverblue'PP27,555

Veronica longifolia
Blue Skywalker 'Blue Skywalker'PP29,406
First Glory 'Alllord'PP23,294, EU PBR34148
First Lady 'Alllady'PP23,271, EU PBR34149
First Love 'Alllove'PP21,478, EU PBR26923
Forever Blue 'Balverevlu'PP31,087
Perfectly Picasso 'Perfectly Picasso'PP29,720
Royal Rembrandt 'Royal Rembrandt'PP29,377
Very Van Gogh 'Very Van Gogh'PP27,428
Skyward™ Blue 'Balskywlue'PP34,922, EU PBR65814
Skyward™ Lilac 'Balskywac'PPAF
Skyward™ Pink 'Balskywink'PP34,890, EU PBR65813

Veronica peduncularis
Whitewater 'Whitewater'PP22,783

Veronica spicata
Lavender Lightsaber 'Lavender Lightsaber'PP32,359

Celestial™ Northern Lights 'SMEV4'PP24,591
Celestial™ Starry Night 'Lord Primrose'PP18,253
Celestial™ Twilight 'SMEV3'PP24,592
Halo Golden Yellow 'Halo Golden Yellow'PP30,900, EU PBR56770
Halo Lemon Frost 'Halo Lemon Frost'PP26,383
Halo Lilac 'Halo Lilac'PP24,542
Halo Sky Blue 'Halo Sky Blue'PP24,541
Halo Violet 'Halo Violet'PP24,428