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Nov 7, 2022

Order Now for Spring, Summer & Fall Sales

Darren Barshaw
Product Representative

There’s not a moment to lose: Now is the time to place your perennial orders for your spring, summer and fall production plans. Availability of unrooted cuttings (URC) and tissue culture (TC) items are good on most varieties now. But here are a few things to consider…

Our perennial liner growers will be more than happy to place more URC and TC inputs to meet your customers’ needs – if they have proper lead times to get the liners rooted for your required ship week.

Our root-and-sell perennial liner growers are being more conservative than in the past. That means there will be less speculative availability for later booking. So, if you wait too long to order, you may not get your preferred varieties.

Avoid those issues and ask for orders NOW if you know your customers’ needs for summer and fall. We still have some time to react to increasing our availability from Darwin Colombia and our TC lab partners.

Also, to help take some of the worries and stresses you may have planning your finishing production timing, use and get comfortable with our First-Year-Flowering Scheduling Tool:

Just released is the Kieft Seed/PanAmerican Seed version of the First-Year-Flowering Scheduling Tool. Be sure to check out options for seed varieties, too, when you explore our vegetative assortment.

Happy planning and planting!

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