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Jun 10, 2022

It's Almost Here

Darwin Perennials
Team Experts

The industry's most-anticipated perennials event, Darwin Perennials Day, is just days away. We encourage members of the industry to RSVP a visit on Wednesday, June 22. It will be the perfect time to learn from the experts and see what's new for the next perennials season.

If we sound like a broken record, we can't help it! This is a complete perennials experience that promises:

Education ... Get action-oriented advice on implementing bio-controls from Suzanne Wainwright-Evans, Buglady Consulting.

Inspiration ... Tour our zone 5 overwintered perennial trial beds and browse the New Varieties Courtyard.

Conversation ... Meet with +25 top perennial suppliers in our Tent Showcase and build programs for next season. (Plus, we're serving lunch. Let's talk over a bite!)

Bring a friend along, or better yet grab a few members of your crew. We'd love for you to spend the day with Darwin Perennials.

Unable to join us? We understand. But hey! Stay tuned for a complete event recap video. To get an instant alert when it drops, subscribe to our blog and hit that bell at our YouTube channel.

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