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Mar 24, 2022

Best Perennials for Fall Retail Programs

Seth Reed
Sales & Marketing Manager

Check out our latest video below for Chris Fifo's and Darren Barshaw's "Best Perennials for Fall Retail Programs." Find out which Darwin Perennials easy-to-grow perennials for Fall are Chris and Darren’s top picks.

Will it be ...

Buddleia Chrysalis vs Veronica Moody Blues

Coreopsis Uptick
vs Lavender Primavera

Caryopteris Gold Crest vs Echinacea Sombrero

Whichever one(s) YOU choose, it’s time to plan your Fall program now. Stick weeks are April through May with transplant weeks June and July, so you can have top-performing perennials finishing alongside your garden mum program.

For scheduling your Fall perennial program, go to

For more educational videos on propagation, transplanting, features and benefits visit (Also available in Spanish).

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