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Dec 15, 2021

Chris' Top Perennial Picks Part II

Chris Fifo
Product Representative

Last month, Darren shared with you his top three Darwin Perennials picks. The flower size on Nepeta Whispurr and the flower coverage on Leucanthemum Whitecap are amazing! Check out his recommendations here.

Great choices, Darren!

With so many great choices, though, it’s hard to choose favorites – it’s like choosing your favorite child. Overall, I would have to say my tastes go in a different direction than Darren’s.

I would have to say (for right now) my favorite Darwin Perennials are:

Salvia ‘Blue by You’
This amazing Salvia hybrid is a true ‘May Night Improved’.
• Though overwintering is beneficial like many other Salvia, the flower power on this one is certainly retail-ready without a Fall plant. This also makes it a breeze for scheduling!
• Double, triple, maybe even quadruple the flower power of May Night.
• Flowering 2 weeks earlier than May Night – and earlier that April Night.
• Clean foliage and great color left on the calyx after the first blast of flowering.
• Repeat blooming throughout the summer without being cut back. (I've got some great training videos on propagation and finishing over at our Darwin Perennials University area... Be sure to watch!)

Armeria Dreameria® Series
I love this for being a completely different type of Armeria.
• Overwintering is not needed for Dreameria, allowing us to include this in the scheduling tool at
• HUGE pom-pom type flowers. Much larger than any other Armeria on the market.
• Excellent bulk-and-clump forming in the landscape.
• Not just a Spring bloomer: Dreameria blooms sporadically throughout the Summer, with another show in the Fall.
• Listed as USDA zone 5 hardy. However, we have seen Dream Clouds overwinter in Manitoba!
• Great color choices. (Insider tip: There is a great purple Dreameria coming!)

English Lavender ‘SuperBlue’
Lavender is quickly becoming one of the most recognizable perennials. Sales are skyrocketing and we have not yet hit the ceiling.
• Easily scheduled for Spring, Summer or Fall.
• Easy to grow from a liner (see my lavender finishing videos here), and now even easier to propagate from cutting when using Darwin Perennial’s callused cutting option.
• Super color and super-sized flowers! Plus it has your classic lavender scent.
• Great Summer performance; I took this picture (above) Sept. 21, 2021 in Colorado after an exceptionally hot Summer.

Again, with so many great choices it’s hard to choose favorites. Looking at what I see in the pipeline for 2023 and 2024, I’m sure my top Darwin Perennials picks will change.

Happy Holidays, all ... and bring on Spring!

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