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Nov 26, 2021

Winter-Interest Perennials

Marion Meesenburg
Marketing Coordinator

Many perennials die back in the Winter season, and then roar back to their full glory the following Spring. But there's no need to mourn dormant plants; some perennial classes offer beautiful color, structure, and shelter for birds and animals. With Winter interest like that, your customers will be pleasantly gazing out their windows or even walking through their snowy gardens for a breath of frosty, fresh air.

You can help them create their own Winter wonder-landscape with some of these favorite choices from Darwin Perennials. So, layer up on your outerwear, friends, and trek with me down the garden path to uncover several perennials that will delight all season long.

Sedum rupestre Prima Angelina
Hardiness Zones 4a-9b
The striking needle-shaped foliage offers a bright-green color in the Spring and Summer, and turns shades of gold and auburn in the Fall and Winter. Prima Angelina is perfect as a groundcover or for rock gardens.

Heuchera Carnival series
Hardiness Zones 4a-9b
Gardeners will enjoy an incredible choice of color assortment all year. Carnival Heucheras also work well as leafy texture in mixed containers with other perennials, and can easily tolerate the colder temperatures for extended delight.

Echinacea Sombrero® series
Hardiness Zones 4b-9b
In the Summer and Fall, Sombrero offers a sea of color that attracts butterflies to the garden. In the Winter, the spent coneflowers offer a banquet of food to the local bird population.

Miscanthus sinensis Bandwidth
Hardiness Zones 5a-9b
Bandwidth is a short-stature ornamental grass that delivers big impact in the landscape. It produces banded, frothy texture and blooms October to November. The grass will mature to brown in the winter, but it still provides an interesting vertical structure and shelter for small animals.

Note to the reader: The perennial recommendations above were part of a recent article submission to GardenSMART – a gardening television series broadcast throughout the United States, as well as a monthly consumer gardening newsletter. Darwin Perennials is pleased to educate the public about fascinating plants through consumer media outreach!

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