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May 29, 2019

Herb-A-Licious: A Refreshing Take on Herb Combos

Sarah Greenwood
Global Product Development Manager

Memories of the sun-drenched days of last season echo as I plan the details for the upcoming one. What went well? What needs improvement? What novel product can we offer our customers to set ourselves apart from the competition? These are just some of the many questions I ponder in the relatively quiet months of winter. While I’m in the business of trialing new plants for potential commercialization, and I imagine many of you are in the business of selling those plants, I would think that most of you contemplate these exact same questions.

And it’s that last question that always captivates my creative nature: What novel product can we offer our customers to set ourselves apart from the competition?

Now, I’m not a new-for-the-sake-of-new type person. Give me a reason. Show me a solution. Better yet, inspire me! Perhaps you’re the same. With our industry swimming in new — both products and programs — it can be hard to find the right kind of new ... the kind that’s worth your time and attention. I completely get it!

In my opinion, one of the true testaments of a new product is the excitement level of the New Products team. You see, we see “new” day in and day out. In fact, we see something like 90% more “new” than ever makes it to market. While breeders will gush over a new flower color, we’re the ones who say “great, but you need to get it on a better habit.” It’s our job to be critical and to put each potential product through its paces. So, when I tell you that I’m truly excited about the launch of our new herb combo program, perhaps I have a bit more of your attention.

Herb-A-Licious Is Here
For those of you who missed it, Herb-A-Licious made its debut at the 2018 Darwin Perennials Day in The Gardens at Ball (West Chicago, IL). This herb combination program has so much going for it: Reliable plug-to-pot production for the grower, inspired presentation for strong sales at the retailer, and delectable patio-to-plate performance for the end consumer. Something to celebrate at every level.

The program currently has six themed combos composed of carefully curated ingredients, each built around a specific interest. Do you like to grill? We’ve got a combo for that!

Blue Ribbon BBQ

Perhaps you’re more the baking type? Don’t worry — we’ve got a combo for that!

Bakin’ Up a Storm

Or maybe you’re a DIY cocktail aficionado? You guessed it — we’ve got a combo for that, too!

Back Patio Sips

Each combo comes with an easy-to-execute recipe allowing growers to successfully bring premium product to their customers, while the fun themes inspire creativity and just beg for a spotlight at retail. It’s not hard to imagine vignettes: A sweep of Blue Ribbon BBQ™ immersed in a grill scene, a splash of Back Patio Sips™ amid a luxurious outdoor patio set, or a cascade of Spice Island™ tucked into a tropical staycation backdrop. But perhaps it’s the end consumer who has the best deal of all. Perfect for gifting and keeping, these deco pots are bound to find happy homes on patios across the nation.

Edibles are in, and patio pots are here to stay; Herb-A-Licious helps you capitalize on both trends at once. Check out the program details here, then contact your sales representative to snag some inventory and set yourself apart from the competition.

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