Mar 26, 2018
Notes from the road: March 12, 2018
Greg Soles  Darwin Product Representative

Here are a couple of examples of winter color that are doable from Darwin Perennials. Sales are active in the deep south, Gulf Coast states and Pacific Coast right now. Think outside of the box! Betcha’ landscapers would like to have this color for their jobs this time of year. Book ahead-book now!

Viola Halo Gold

3/1/18: Metrolina Open Trial Gardens, Huntersville, NC
These were planted in-ground April 2017 and have been in the garden ever since. The annual Viola and Pansies were in the "annual" garden and these looked every bit as good.

Veronica Moody Blues Mauve

3/1/18: Homestead Florida
72c liner transplanted Week 3. No lights. No cold treatment. No chemicals.

Miscanthus Bandwidth ... containers!

I walked past one of our breeders last week as I was photographing these containers. I asked Jessica if this container would look good on her deck over the summer months. Of course, she replied!

This photo is a 1150 container with 3ppp planted in mid-October. It was grown in our greenhouses that had extended days and 68-70F temperatures. On March 6 this is in mid-season form. Bandwidth is a compact plant and will stay well-behaved. Based on our production I believe a grower could push these out in 10 weeks.

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