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Oct 2, 2017

Echinacea Sombrero® Granada Gold Wins 'Classic City Award' at UGA

Darwin Perennials
Team Experts

This week the Trial Gardens at UGA announced their 2017 Classic City Award Winners. This is the "short list" of plants trialed in Athens, Ga., that took the show and ran all season long. One of the winners was Darwin Perennials' own Echinacea Sombrero Granada Gold, a new 2018 color introduction to our highly floriferous, compact, and vibrantly colored coneflower series.

Here's what the UGA judges had to say: "We had three Echinacea in the Sombrero Series from Darwin Perennials this year. All performed wonderfully with vibrant colors and long bloom periods that would make any garden pop. The ‘Granada Gold’ stood out among the bunch with its perfectly rounded yellow cones and deep gold petals. The plant also produced a prolific amount of blooms with some plants having 13 flower heads open all at once. In addition to stunning floral presentation the flowers lasted much longer on this cultivar than the two other plants in the series."

Photo courtesy of The Trial Gardens at UGA

What a stunner! To learn more about the Sombrero series, visit the Grananda Gold product page here.

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