May 25, 2017
Notes from the road: May 22, 2017
Greg Soles  Darwin Product Representative

In May I walked the West Grove, Pa., trials to review Dianthus Mountain Frost varieties and Armeria Dreameria. Here's the latest results...

West Grove, Pa. | Week 20
Dianthus Mountain Frost

Yes ... Pink Carpet, Pink Twinkle and White Twinkle overwintered 100% like these varieties. They were about a week behind in response and I could not fit them in the lens of the camera! They should be a stunning show Week 21! Yes ... I will update you again.

30mm elle into 2.5 qt. — April 2016
2.5 qt. in the ground August 2016

These have performed well in the landscape: Very durable, weather tolerant and hardy. Trials I have seen in the south flowered without vernalization this spring. Get some for fall sales! Southern reps should be targeting Weeks 3-6 flowering in 2018. Green Leaf will have availability very soon.

Planted Week 13 — Photo Week 20, Texas

West Grove, Pa. | Week 20
Armeria Dreameria

Look at the quantity of blooms. As the plants bulk and mature, they build more flowers. They produce flowers in the summer months as well. These wil make stunning garden plants and would also make great flowering pots for decks. Wow!

30mm elle into 2.5 qt. — April 2016
2.5 qt. in the ground August 2016

100% return from winter!

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