Mar 9, 2017
Notes from the road: Rebook early-flowering perennials ... and upgrade!
Greg Soles  Darwin Product Representative

I wrote you about the key features of Darwin Perennial’s Iberis Snowsation on my last version of Notes From the Road. There will be good availability late summer to fall 2017. Be sure to get your growers looking at this variety as an upgrade for Snowcone, Snow Cushion, Purity and Snow Surfer Forte.

As I made a tour through southern growers in January and February, I saw a lot of Dianthus Kahori going out the door. Start to work in some of Darwin Perennial’s Dianthus Mountain Frost Pink Pom Pom on next year’s crops. There will be good availability for fall 2017 plantings that ship to retailers in January-February. Pink Pom Pom repeat-flowers through the summer like Kahori does. In the heat, Kahori’s flower petals curl. Pink Pom Pom is a double flower and will not curl.

A cultural note for Alyssum Golden Spring: Remember to have your growers give the crop a shot of 200ppm N. as it transitions into flower. This is what it looks like if you don’t do that! (See tech guide)

Here’s what it looks like if you add it...

South to North: Check out these three strong early-spring Darwin Perennials flowering varieties. Spring was early this year in the south; get a jump on it and book early. Northern reps have plenty of notice to get in line for availability.

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