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Aug 8, 2016

Darwin Perennial cultural trials at West Grove, PA

Greg Soles
Darwin Product Representative

Color! Summer color with Darwin Perennials to be exact. Consumers look for color all season long! Remember the “Fall is for Planting” promotions we industry veterans used to see in the fall? I have always believed that perennials are the natural color bridge for retailers from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Photograph Aug. 3, 2016 - Southeast Pennsylvania
Darwin Perennial trials: Salvia Blue Marvel, Lavender SuperBlue, Heliopsis Sunstruck, and Scabiosa Flutter Deep Blue

We may not see as many customers August 1 as we see on Mother’s Day weekend, but consumers still look for color for parties, tired annuals on their decks, porches and who knows – they might even be looking to plant some perennials in their gardens! We can’t sell from an empty store, so give ‘em fresh color!

Photograph July 26, 2016 - Southeast Pennsylvania
Darwin Perennial trials: Monarda Balmy Rose

The Mirage Salvia below will brighten any deck, porch and Zone-7 hardy garden. These were transplanted the week of May 9 and are retail ready mid-June.

We have trialed many different Darwin Perennials in our southeast PA culture trials. We are developing production recipes for each of the Darwin Perennials varieties that will bring interesting color to retailers and consumers well beyond April and May. Consumers are always looking; give them something to buy!

Photograph June 23, 2016 - Southeast Pennsylvania
Darwin Perennial trials: Mirage Salvia

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