<a href="/Blog/Contributors/leland-toering" title="View articles by Leland Toering">Leland Toering</a>
Sales & Marketing Manager

Leland brings a fresh perspective on developing and supporting Darwin Perennials sales activities throughout its distribution networks. He works closely with our Product Representatives, and launches marketing campaigns to help you sell perennials to your customers.

<a href="/Blog/Contributors/jacco-kuipers" title="View articles by Jacco Kuipers">Jacco Kuipers</a>
General Manager of Darwin Perennials

Jacco is the general manager for Darwin Perennials. He is stationed in West Chicago, Illinois, but he spends much of his time lately in Bogota, Colombia watching the new farm come to life! He'll share his perspective and keep you up-to-date on the latest market news.

<a href="/Blog/Contributors/karl-batschke" title="View articles by Karl Batschke">Karl Batschke</a>
Global Product Manager

Today’s new and different is tomorrow’s tried and true — if we do our job right. To thoroughly trial a perennial, you must rely heavily on natural timing to see how a plant normally behaves. He'll share his experience in the field to help make plants become a standard in the marketplace.

<a href="/Blog/Contributors/chris-fifo" title="View articles by Chris Fifo">Chris Fifo</a>
Product Representative

Chris joins Darwin Perennials with 30 years' experience at Swift Greenhouses in Iowa, where he was Technical Services Advisor. His wheelhouse is perennial production best-practices and he'll impart his knowledge to you through our Notes From The Road blog posts.

<a href="/Blog/Contributors/catherine-blaney" title="View articles by Catherine Blaney">Catherine Blaney</a>
Operations Manager

Cat is our Darwin Perennials operations manager stationed in our home office of West Chicago, Illinois, but she's keeping communications open with our Darwin Colombia farm! Her blogs will share her perspective on perennials and keep you up-to-date on the latest market news.

<a href="/Blog/Contributors/karen-bunting" title="View articles by Karen Bunting">Karen Bunting</a>
Perennials Business Manager

As perennials business manager for Darwin Perennials, Karen is devoted to your success in the ever-expanding perennial market. Backed by unbeatable service, our superior genetics — delivered in a variety of product forms by a reliable network — come together to propel your profit margins.

<a href="/Blog/Contributors/katie-anderson" title="View articles by Katie Anderson">Katie Anderson</a>
Business Manager

Katie is Darwin Perennials Business Manager. She’s helped introduce many stellar products to the Darwin Perennials assortment, and gives customers and sales team members the tools to get the job done!

<a href="/Blog/Contributors/brad-harvey" title="View articles by Brad Harvey">Brad Harvey</a>
Darwin Product Representative

Brad Harvey is a product representative for Darwin Perennials. He'll share important production tips to make your business run smoothly, as well as trip reports as he travels coast-to-coast for perennial shows and trials.

<a href="/Blog/Contributors/laura-lara" title="View articles by Laura Lara">Laura Lara</a>
Breeder for Darwin Perennials

Laura is a Colombian breeder who learned how to breed in beans! She also grew up on a cut flower farm in Guatemala. Stationed in West Grove, Pa., at Star Roses and Plants, Laura oversees the breeding of Salvia, Veronica and Penstemon ... all key crops for Darwin Perennials with exciting and emerging opportunities!

<a href="/Blog/Contributors/sarah-greenwood" title="View articles by Sarah Greenwood">Sarah Greenwood</a>
Perennial Plant Trials Coordinator

It’s an exciting time for breeding perennials, and Sarah is part of the process to bring the latest and greatest to market. Her trials cover a broad range of genetic diversity and she's seeing breakthroughs change the perennial landscape.

Jeff Gibson
Jeff Gibson
Ball Landscape Business Manager

Jeff Gibson knows that color is still king, and the landscape market is shifting toward the use of perennials. But no matter what we offer, looking through the lens of time, cost and space savings will only increase sales to the professional landscape trade.

<a href="/Blog/Contributors/sarah-swofford" title="View articles by Sarah Swofford">Sarah Swofford</a>
Trialing Coordinator

Sarah loves plants, and people! In her position with Darwin Perennials she comes into contact with both. Sarah oversees all trialing activities for Darwin Perennials including research trials at universities, advance grower trials, and consumer plant sampling. In her blogs she'll share her excitement for our winning results with you!

<a href="/Blog/Contributors/greg-soles" title="View articles by Greg Soles">Greg Soles</a>
Darwin Product Representative

Greg Soles unexpectedly passed away in May 2018. He was a product representative for Darwin Perennials. Greg brought great experience of the perennial market to the team, including working with licensees, customers, sales teams, and product development. Plus his "Notes From the Road" kept customers updated on great-performing plants in regional trials. His joyous spirit and passion for perennials will be missed.

<a href="/Blog/Contributors/darwin-perennials" title="View articles by Darwin Perennials">Darwin Perennials</a>
Team Experts

Got something to say or some news to report? Send us your comments for inclusion at our Darwin Perennials blog. Visit our Contact Us page.

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