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Lysimachia congestiflora Firefly

Scientific Name : Lysimachia congestiflora
Common Name : Moneywort
Hardiness Zone : 5b - 9a
Hardiness Degree : -15°F (-26°C)
Blooming Season : Spring, Late Spring, Summer, Autumn, Late Summer
Plant Habit : Spreading
Characteristics : Colorful/Attractive Foliage, Shade Tolerant, Frost Tolerant
Water : Medium
Fertilizer : Once a month
Spacing : 12 - 14" (30 - 36cm)
Height : 6 - 8" (15 - 20cm)
Width : 10 - 12" (25 - 30cm)
Exposure : Shade, Partial Sun
General Information : An excellent flowering groundcover that brings burgundy foliage and continuously blooming, bright yellow flowers to shady locations. Works as an accent plant, mixing well with other varieties.
Idea & Tips : Lysimachia ‘Firefly’ prefers shady areas with rich soils. Water frequently to establish plants. Fertilize monthly for best growth. Trim as needed.
Grower InformationAn excellent flowering groundcover for the shade.
  • Burgundy foliage and continuously blooming, bright yellow flowers.
  • Prefers shady locations.
  • Works as an accent plant, mixing well with other varieties.
Protection InformationPP33,932
(Flowering Only License)
Breeder : Darwin Perennials
  • Propagation Guide
    • Media EC/pH:
      EC 0.75-0.80 mmhos/pH 5.8-6.2
      Soil Temperature:
      72-78°F (21-24°C)
      Rooting Hormone:
      500 ppm IBA
      Low to moderate
      50 ppm N starting at Day 7
      One or two pinches in propagation for fuller plants.
      42-49 days after sticking
      Lysimachia should root quickly. Watch for oversaturated media.
    • Media pH:
      Nights: 56 to 64°F (13 to 18°C) Days: 65 to 76°F (18 to 24°C)
      Light Level (fc):
      1,500 to 2,500
      Day length neutral
      Low to moderate
      Use a balanced fertilizer at a rate of 125 to 150 ppm N. Sensitive to high EC levels early in production.
      Pinch After Transplant:
      Typically not required
      Plant Growth Regulators:
      PGRs generally not needed
      Pests and Fungal Diseases:
      Watch for crown rot if overwatered.
    • 1–qt. (10–cm) pot, 1 plant per pot:
      6-8 wks
      1–gal. (15–cm) pot, 1 plant per pot:
      9-11 wks
      2 to 3–gal. (25 to 30–cm) pot, 3 plants per pot:
      Not recommended
      Bloom Months:
      Year round depending on location

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