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Digitalis Arctic Fox™ Rose

Scientific Name : Digitalis hybrida
Common Name : Foxglove
Hardiness Zone : 5a - 9a
Hardiness Degree : -20°F (-29°C)
Blooming Season : Late Spring, Summer, Late Summer
Plant Habit : Upright
Characteristics : Attracts Bees, Attracts Butterflies, Deer Resistant, Attracts Hummingbirds, Frost Tolerant
Water : Medium
Fertilizer : Once a month
Spacing : 24 - 28" (61 - 71cm)
Height : 18 - 24" (46 - 61cm)
Width : 16 - 18" (41 - 46cm)
Exposure : Sun
General Information : Beautiful, long-flowering hybrid Foxglove is hardy in northern gardens.
Idea & Tips : Plant in a sunny garden location or place on a sunny patio. Remove old flowers as they become unsightly to encourage fresh, new flowering shoots. 
Grower InformationThis beautiful hybrid Digitalis offers much-needed Winter hardiness for northern growers, plus Summer-long flowering for southern growers.
  • Adds amazing impulse color for perennial tables.
  • Flowers all season long.
  • Ideal for 2.5-qt. and 1.5-gal. pot sizes.

Raker Trials Top Performer

Protection InformationEU PBR57561; PP31,900; UK PBR35094
(Flowering Only License)
Breeder : Darwin Perennials
  • Propagation Guide
    • Media EC/pH:
      EC 0.75-0.80 mmhos/pH 6.0-6.4
      Soil Temperature:
      70-72°F (21-22°C)
      Rooting Hormone:
      1,000 ppm IBA basal dip
      Low to moderate
      50-75 ppm N
      Not typical in propagation.
      42-49 days after sticking
      Digitalis root slowly with first roots showing 15 to 18 days after stick. However, it is best to discontinue mist prior to visible root, as they root more quickly when not over-misted and when media is allowed to dry slightly between waterings.
    • Media pH:
      Nights: 55 to 60°F (13 to 16°C) Days: 60 to 65°F (16 to 18°C)
      Light Level (fc):
      3,000 to 5,000
      Long day facultative
      Allow media to dry moderately between watering.
      Use a balanced fertilizer at a rate of 125 to 150 ppm.
      Pinch After Transplant:
      Recommended for more flowers per plant. Not required.
      Plant Growth Regulators:
      PGRs generally not needed
      Pests and Fungal Diseases:
      Aphids, white fly, spider mites
    • 1–qt. (10–cm) pot, 1 plant per pot:
      Not recommended
      1–gal. (15–cm) pot, 1 plant per pot:
      Rooted: 12-14 wks
      2 to 3–gal. (25 to 30–cm) pot, 3 plants per pot:
      Rooted: 14 wks
      Bloom Months:
      April to September; Natural season flowering

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