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Darwin Perennials® Salvia ‘Blue by You’ Receives All-America Selections National Award

The award is a culmination of garden performance trials conducted over three years by experts in the horticulture field.


WEST CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, July 2022: Darwin Perennials, is proud to announce it has accepted an All-America Selections (AAS) award for top performance of an herbaceous perennial for its hybrid Salvia ‘Blue by You’. This prestigious award is the result of a three-winter trialing process at sites across the United States and Canada, where the variety received top marks from 26 judges.

Salvia ‘Blue by You’ is an innovation in the class, notable for its improved branching, which has produced up to five repeat blooming cycles throughout the Spring and Summer seasons. It is hardy in USDA zones 4b to 9a. A hybrid between S. nemorosa and S. pratensis, it has excellent Winter hardiness as well as heat tolerance.

“The responses from the All-America Selections judges show you don’t have to use the same-old Salvia genetics. There are so many benefits to growing ‘Blue by You,’” says Seth Reed, Sales and Marketing Manager for Darwin Perennials. “Recognition by AAS further confirms the feedback we’ve received about this hybrid over the years, and encourages perennial growers to update their programs with top-performing winners.”

AAS judges were specifically impressed with the flowers of ‘Blue by You’ calling them “consistent and superior to the comparison.” They also found the blooms larger and “intensely beautiful” in color.

AAS is a non-profit plant trialing organization that promotes new varieties for the home gardener. Varieties that have been judged to have superior garden performance in impartial trials throughout North America are award the AAS winner designation.

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