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Digital Days

Darwin Digital Days
Darwin Digital Days June 15-19, 2020

Don’t miss this unique event!

Our annual Darwin Perennials Day is reimagined this year into a week-long virtual event that introduces you to exciting new perennials. Learn from experts in the industry as new content is revealed each day of the week. Welcome to Darwin Digital Days!

Day 1 - June 15

Welcome to Darwin Digital Days

Our event kicks off with an introduction from Anna Ball and Susannah Ball

Comparison Tours - In The Gardens

Top 10 Outstanding Performers with Leland Toering

Get more info on these top perennials

Nepeta with Karl Batschke

Browse our Nepeta assortment

Kieft Seed Bed Highlights with Chris Fifo

Download Kieft Seed perennials top-sellers

New Varieties - In The Gardens

Lavender Primavera with Karl Batschke

Download the Lavender Primavera info sheet

What’s New From Kieft Seed with Jerry Gorchels


Lavender Production Tips

Growth Regulation for Finished Lavenders from Qualitree
Soil Science of Lavender Media from Qualitree


Virtual Tour

URC Production Farm Tour of Darwin Colombia

Explore your unrooted and liner sources

Day 2 - June 16

Comparison Tours – In The Gardens

Salvia with Karl Batschke

Browse our Salvia assortment

Dianthus with Chris Fifo

Browse our Dianthus assortment

New Varieties – In The Gardens

Walters Gardens Trial Bed Highlights from Walters Gardens


Production Tips

Scheduling Perennials and Insight Into Breeding with Sarah Greenwood, West Grove


Planting Bare Root Perennials with Fred Meiland, Darwin Plants by Kébol


Timing and Production of Dianthus, GreenLeaf Plants


Day 3 - June 17

Virtual Supplier Tents

Learn about our Darwin Perennials Suppliers through our virtual exhibit tent featuring key partners.

LIVE Webinar Event

Learn from the experts! Watch our Day 3 webinar on demand at the link below.

Featured speakers:

Paul Pilon
Perennial Solutions Consulting
"How to hold ‘em and diagnose perennial crop problems"
W. Garrett Owen, PhD
University of Kentucky
Watch On Demand!

Join perennial expert Paul Pilon of Perennial Solutions Consulting and editor of Perennial Pulse e-newsletter for this special two-part webinar. First, Paul will discuss how growers can use temperature, irrigation, fertility and plant growth regulators to hold crops and maintain plant quality through unusually late Springs. As a horticultural consultant he sees lots of cultural issues as he visits with growers throughout the country and internationally. In the second part of this webinar, Paul will share numerous fertility, insect, disease and other cultural issues he’s come across and provide tips on how to recognize them and deal with these issues once they are present. This will be an enjoyable and informative presentation you’ll not want to miss.

W. Garrett Owen PhD is Assistant Extension Professor of Floriculture, Greenhouse and Controlled Environments at the University of Kentucky. Learn the latest research on perennial propagation, including supplemental lighting and rooting hormones, from one of the premier experts in the industry.

Day 4 - June 18

Echinacea & More Education

Explore Sombrero Vegetative Echinacea with Chris Fifo

See our Sombrero Echinacea assortment

Seed Echinacea New Intros & Best Practices with Chris Fifo

Learn more about the Artisan Collection of Echinacea

Scheduling Tips for Sombrero Echinacea with Chris Fifo

Download scheduling tools & production guides

How To Force Sombrero Echinacea for Mother’s Day with Bin Liu

Learn more about Sombrero Poco Echinacea

Forcing Seed Echinacea for Mother’s Day with Bin Liu

Download the perennials forcing chart (North America)

Production Tips

Grow Top-Notch Lupine with Gulley Greenhouse

Download the WestCountry Lupine guide

Clematis Best Practices with Donahue’s Clematis


Echibeckia Highlights from Pacific Plug & Liner

Browse the PP&L Grower Toolbox

Delphinium Grower Facts from Pacific Plug & Liner


Keys to a Successful Grass Program by Emerald Coast Growers


Native Plants with North Creek Nurseries


Day 5 - June 19

Team Testimonials

New product testimonials straight from the Darwin Perennials Team

Perennial Scheduling

A flashback to a timely video playlist of perennial information direct from industry legend Greg Soles

Schedule perennials for Fall

Greg Soles
In Memoriam

Have a question? Contact event coordinator Leland Toering | 630-234-2065.