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First-Year-Flowering Scheduling Tool

Darwin Perennials now offers a wide range of perennial crops that have broken the vernalization barrier! Choose from over 150 first-year-flowering options from many popular perennial classes that do not require cold treatment. With this innovation, it’s easier than ever before to schedule your perennial crops.

We are able to provide the best products on the market thanks to our extensive trialing and culture research at our facility in West Grove, PA. The culmination of this trialing has aided in the creation of our robust and interactive First-Year-Flowering Tool, an easy-to-use resource that tells you exact scheduling dates to hit any specific bloom week for all of our first-year-flowering varieties.

To start planning your perennial program, simply click the button below, select your crop of choice, input your desired finish week and receive instant crop schedule results!

Click here to begin scheduling

Booking Calendar

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