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First-Year-Flowering Scheduling Tool

Lavandula stoechas Anouk
North: grown outdoor flowering window weeks 24-32
South: grown outdoor flowering window weeks 19-27
Spring-early summer programs
Week color desired
URC stick week  
Liner ready week  
Liner transplant week  
Lavandula stoechas Anouk Deep Rose
Lavandula stoechas Double Anouk
Lavandula stoechas Anouk Supreme
Lavandula stoechas Silver Anouk
Lavandula stoechas Anouk
Suggested Container Size.
Container: 2.5 qt (1 ppp)
Propagation Guide
Media EC/pH: EC 0.75-0.80 mmhos/pH 5.8-6.2
Soil Temperature: 70-72°F (21-22°C)
Rooting Hormone: 500 ppm IBA
Mist: Low; prefers high humidity rather than mist.
Fertilization: 50-75 ppm N
Pinching: Recommended after roots are established. Leave 4-5 active internodes.
Transplanting: Liner transplant week
Comments: Use low mist settings; do not oversaturate rooting media. Root zone temperatures of 70°F (21°C). Remove flowers in propagation.
Finishing Guide
Media pH: 5.8-6.2
Temperature: Nights: 56 to 64°F (13 to 18°C) Days: 65 to 76°F (18 to 24°C)
Light Level (fc): 5,000 to 8,000
Vernalization: Beneficial for earlier flowering and more blooms.
Watering: Allow media to dry slightly between watering.
Fertilization: Use a balanced fertilizer at a rate of 100 to 125 ppm.
Pinch After Transplant: Recommended
Plant Growth Regulators: PGRs generally not needed
Pests and Fungal Diseases: Thielaviopsis, pythium and rhizoctonia can result from overwatering. Thrips, white fly, aphids, fungus gnats.