Don't Miss the New Variety Courtyard

Darwin Perennials - Team Experts
Friday, May 6, 2022

In our perennial gardens in West Chicago this year, we're showcasing new plants from across the industry. To give the latest perennials a chance to shine, we'll be calling them out in a special way at the Darwin Perennials Day event, Wednesday, June 22.

Don't miss the New Variety Courtyard, where you can get a dashboard view of key introductions from some of the best perennial breeding companies, including:

Darwin Perennials

Kieft Seed


Dümmen Orange

Pacific Plug and Liner

Walters Gardens

Must Have Perennials

Click on the links above to get a glimpse at some of the new plants we'll put on display in the New Variety Courtyard, and be sure to register your visit to Darwin Perennials Day! This is a must-attend event for education, networking and inspiration for the perennial industry.

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